TTMC Platform

Tsingzou-Tokyo Medical Chain


TTMC is a medical blockchain created by the technology cooperation between Tsinghua Big Data Institute of Tsinghua University in China that has been studying data history tracking and Tokyo University with Micro-needle technology, which uses blockchain technology to cumulate the information on products and transaction history and date about distribution of products and services and to provide a Big Data Platform that users can utilize the data. Data providers that provide data or data users can provide information to TTMC Platform or receive it from them using TTMC Coin as a means of transaction.

Launching of TTMC

Tsingzou Big Data Center has been making efforts to establish an "Offline Massive Big Data" application ecosystem based on blockchain connection technology.

The center has also created a valuable data ecosystem and realized the distribution, application and maximization of data value with our partners.

We established IoT Blockchain Laboratory with with the Tsinghua University-Qingdao Big Data Process Research Center in August 2017 and have devoted to the exploration and application in the IoT field of the blockchain.

In 2018, Tsingzou Big Data and Qingdao Big Data Exchange Center has built a strategic joint venture, and Tsingzou Big Data is in the process of realizing the trade of mass data services and preparing for the distribution of offline big data across all countries and all industries.

Tokyo University of Japan has applied for patents related to micro needle patch that can be easily and conveniently used by individuals as a means of reducing the inconvenience and rejection of existing injections and achieving high effects. We are preparing mass productionf of this product.

TTMC is a technical cooperation between Tsingzou Big Data that is interested in data traceability and Tokyo University that interested in medical fields are making efforts to establish a social foundation to prevent medical product safety accidents and to ensure product safety.

TTMC Platform

TTMC Platform has been strengthening its platform technology to support the tracking of product history information and to collect marketing information through data history tracking. As part of this effort, we will build a data accumulation and distribution system based on medical information. TTMC Platform has selected the drug as the medicine for Lou Gehrig's disease and macular degeneration from Yoosbiopharm, an affiliate of GBioHealth, which participates in the TTMC Platform and the health supplement for dementia in order to build a traceability system on product history of pharmacies.

Due to the complicated distribution systems composed of direct sales of pharmaceutical companies, drug distributors, and online distributors, and due to the ordering practices of pharmacies, it is not easy to integrate the information on distribution of medicines, and no system has been established to successfully share medicine information. We will establish a data traceability system for medicines through the TTMC Platform, which has been permitted to collect data in China.

TTMC uses TTMC Coin as an transaction and compensation medium to operate the platform and the data providers compensated for profiding thier data can use TTMC for the compensation for the use of data or for sale through Cryptocurrency Exchange such as Bitforex .

Prospect of TTMC chain

TTMC Medical Blockchain contributes to the public health through distribution of products and prevention of distribution of defective products, by sharing the matters of distribution quality control of products produced by pharmaceutical companies. Patients can also be compensated for granting research institutions limited access to their health records for research and healthcare purposes only. TTMC Medical Blockchain issues a TTMC Coin to be used in order to store and transmit the health records in a blockchain and to pay.
TTMC Medical Information Platform that provides recommendations such as routines customized to patients and applied in their everyday life will be built through the analysis on TTMC Medical Information.

I. Structure of TTMC Medical Blockchain


A. Handles the contract conditions and transactions between pharmaceutical companies, distributors and sales medical institutions regarding with patient health record information.
B. Multi-signature allows transactions such as crowd funding.
C. Manages information, transaction contents and transactions between users.
D. Used as an authentication key for verifying the user's right to use.


A. TTMC-wallet provides the status of assets based on user authentication and authenticated information, and manages the execution of transaction and entry / exit information of each asset.
B. The users of TTMC-Wallet can purchase TTMC Coin and trade with other coins(BTC, ETH, USDT, etc.).
C. The TTMC-Wallet is provided as a mobile application, and it can securely manage the reliability and security of information by using the mobile device biometrics and pattern recognition functions.

IV. Dapp Service Interface (DSI)

The Dapp Service Interface transmits the processing request related to the service requested by the user to the smart contract and the blockchain, and transmits the result to the service server.


The Content Service Server has the information on the content package provided by the provider and the user, and can receive the information service only for the user who has been verified as valid for the usage through the DIS.


The Front End Server requests the user verification to the DIS when Dapp service is executed, receives and manages the list of information held by the verified user, and receives and processes the user's transaction request.


Implemented in the final form that each user will see for use.

VIII. Structure of TTMC Medical Chain System

TTMC Medical Chain consists of the parts including blockchain, Smart Contract, TTMC Wallet, Dapp Service Interface, Contents Service Server, Front End Server and UX / UI (Client).

TTMC How to activate

C-cube is a commerce platform that realizes the payment value of virtual currencies, and provides a platform that can secure popularity within the real economy. C-cube platform and TTMC are aiming to implement TTMC in order to gain popularity and distribution in the real economy through business agreements


Allocation of Coin

Total Supply 3,000,000,000 coins

White Paper


Peter Ren


GGIS professional,
Marketing Director at Big Data Lap.
Development of offline data integration tasks.
Participated in numerous national research projects

Andrew Lee


Graduated from Beacon University, Singapore.
Product promotion, brand marketing and business development capacity accumulation.

Thomas lee


Blockchain development and software senior engineer.
Worked in the financial industry for 15 years.
Foreign exchange transactions, blockchains, IoT, artificial intelligence, rail transport, electricity and other industries.
Blockchain encryption algorithm, security Protocol, distributed Computing, and numerous jobs related to blockchain application DAPP.

Kim Beom jun


Seoul National University. Departmente of Engineering
University of Tokyo. Graduate school. Doctor
Currently University of Tokyo. Department of Mechanical Engineering. A full professor
University of Tokyo. Director of Kim Lab

Benson Fang


- Graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University
Companies using DATA
- Has been involved in computer software development for 1 to 2 years and has been a researcher for a long time as an expert on data processing, development language and other technologies, and algorithm of blockchain agreement.

Eddy Tao


- Graduated from University of Science and Technology in China
- Over 10 years of experience in Internet software development and C language, Java, MySQL / MonogoDB / HBase, etc.

David Won


Payment & eCommerce Platform Dev Specialist
- NBREDS mobile payment general manager
- Chief Development Officer of Lotte Home Shopping Mobile Commerce
- Insprit Platform Business Division Vice Director
- Generalization on the development of SK Telecom T-Pay (offline payment) platform
- Generalization of the development of SK Telecom DCB (Easy Payment) platform
- Generalization of the development of SK Telecom DCA (location based authentication) platform
- Generalization of the development of SK Telecom WEB Payments Platform (research project)
- Generalization of the development of Thailand's Simple Pay Payment Platform
- Generalization of the development of in-and-out service area easy payment platform
- Generalization of the development of SPC 02 Point Platform
- Project manager of mobile commerce business in Lotte Home Shopping
- Advancement project manager of KT contents automatic inspection platform
- Development leader of KT Wibro launcher platform

Michael Shin


Payment & eCommerce Platform Dev Specialist
- Development leader of NBREDS mobile payment
- Senior developer of RandomWorks platform
- Development leader of SK Telecom T-pay (offline payment) platform
- Development leader of SK Telecom DCB (Easy Payment) platform
- Development leader of SK Telecom DCA (location based authentication) platform
- Development leader (Research Project) SK Telecom WEB Payments Platform
- Development Platform of In & Out Outlet Service
- Development leader of cashless coupon platform

Excutive technical advisor

Mike Tse


Blockchain Lead Developer
14 years of experience in the system level software development and project management.
System software architect.
In-depth study in cloud services, financial security, and large-scale concurrent processing.
Conduct the researches on algorithms, graphene, IPFS, and smart contracts.

Illiden Wong


Worked at Huawei, ZTE and other high-tech companies.
Various project management experience in blockchain product design, blockchain investment, blockchain.

Jacky Woo


Graduated from Tsinghua University.
Chief of the blockchain laboratory of Tsinghua University's Big Data Engineering Research Center.
Member of Qingdao Big Data Expert Committee.
Applied a patent for a blockchain

Smile zhang


Graduated from the graduate school of Renmin University.
Senior journalist.
Chairman of the Consensus Media Group.
Enterprise organization management experience and full media resource retention.


No Do Yun


Graduated from School of Medicine of Kyunghee University
Internship in Incheon Jung-ang Gil Hospital Internship (general surgery)
Acquired general surgery specialist
Currently the Surgical Director at M Hospital

Kim Jae Hee


Generalization manager of GBioHealth Co., Ltd.
Undergrad of Management of Jung-ang University, Helsinki University of Economics MBA
Green Cross Marketing / Planning
Quintiles Korea BD / Education Officer
Representative of MK Health
Representative of Inventive Health Korea
Technical support for health functional food JV

Yang Jae Wook


Doctor of Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine OF Kosin University
Director of Department of Ophthalmology, Inje University Pusan Paik Hospital
Head of Center for T2B Establishment based on Ophthalmology designated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare
Director of Medical Device at Clinical Trial Center
GBioHealth Consultant

Kim Sang Woo


Soonchunhyang University School of Medicine
Kim Sang-woo, Director of Internal Medicine & President, Korean Anti-Aging Society
Standing Committee Member
Member of Medical Insurance Evaluation Committee
GBioHealth Consultant

Lee Seung Nam


Department of Family Medicine, College of Medicine, Seoul National University
Director of Gangnam Best Clinic / Adjunct Professor at Hanyang University Hospital
Adjunct Professor at Seoul National University Hospital
Director of Korean Society for Clinical Health Promotion
GBioHealth Consultant

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